SamNetworks Limited is a company that centers around providing IT solutions and IT security solutions. Other services include ongoing subscriptions, such as support contracts, hosting contracts, & VSAT (Internet over Satellite) solutions - where connectivity will be assured and the quality of service is guaranteed.

The company was established by Eng. H. F. Hassan, Sam Networks aims at raising awareness of technologies such as VPN, which infact can be useful to SMEs & Large Enterprises. The rapid evolution of technology means that VPN solution is now cheaper and more effective than ever. It is infact quite affordable and can become an integral IT solution for businesses of all sizes. The Open Standard/Open Source model which this technology is based upon has proved to be a good model for businesses looking for dynamic, efficient solutions.
SamNetworks Limited immense multi-national experience working with large enterprises as well as small businesses. Our engineers have long experience in:
CMS (Content Management System) Building.
Cyber Security and Threat Management.
Full Domain Name Services & DNS Management.
Building Network Storage solutions, as well as VPN Solutions.
Green Computing Solutions.
Web Hosting Solutions.
ERP Project Management & Consultancy.
Hardware Management.

More information about SamNetworks can be found on the company's LinkedIn profile, here.

Building on previous hardware management experience, Sam Networks have now expanded their services to include the provision of our own hardware as well. You can take a look at the comparison sheet by visiting our product description page.

Sam Networks has for A number of years proven to be a reliable and capable partner for businesses of all sizes.
For further information please contact us.

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