AI Urban Services to the next levels

SAM Network is processing AI patenting processes in the USA, UK and EU.
Embedding AI into our modern unified security intelligence, our data mining, and our urban services is a guaranteed win win relations.
We are gathering all data available to the public bodies, then use AI to analyse and spot and defects on the facades of buildings and outer decor, this is a new and unprecedented concept which provide municipalities with greater and better development options.

MUSI Modern Unified Security Intelligence Added to our Line of services

MUSI Modern Unified Security Intelligence, which is a unique concept in Cyber security, Is now added to our line of services. Our idea is simply this: instead of having many devices and many appliances we have combined UTM, VAS, SIEMS into one appliance, with flexibility to manage your network and get comprehensive reports every 24 hours. Get proavtive now and see real threats like never before.

Sam Networks to open a new office in Istanbul, Turkey

Sam Networks Ltd has took a strategic decision to expand its operation, the new market is Istanbul, Turkey. After conducting a market research in Turkey, we have found that Turkey has good demand for IT Solution providers & network experts. With its current Internet users reaching 36 Million users, IT companies has seen a good growth in business to business IT solutions.

With the current boomig Turkish economy, and the government strategies for developing new technological enterprises. Turkey is becoming a good choice for

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Low Cost NAS Solution to be added into Sam Networks Products & Services

logo utiny1Sam Networks has successfully built and developed a Terabyte+ NAS Box that would cost less than $1500 for 10 Terabytes, it supports ZFV file system that is known for its infinite growth and data availability with zero loss factor. And can have Fiber Interfaces, with a great throughput, Please contact us or subscribe to our newsletter to get more udpates on this.

Sam Networks delivers a purpose built POS with multilingual support

Sam Networks built a complete POS solution based on touchscreen POS, thermal printer, barcode scanner, magnetic card reader, cash drawer, and a DB Server. The software is a Java based POS software (platform independent) with multı language options. The POS system is used to operate a fine dine restaurant. Also a cup cake takeaway shops. All sales are logged immediately and the operations closes with EOD (End Of Day) transaction.

Thıs has eased the daily operations, thanks also to the DB engine used, the POS system supports four different database back-ends (Apache DerbyDB, Mysql DB, PostgreSQL DB, Oracle DB)

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