ERP img1ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) which is a complete and integrated system for running an enterprise organisation, has always existed and there are many options to choose from. ERP must have at least the five important modules to operate, Inventory/Warehouse, Financial/Accounting, Human Resource, Sales, Manufacturing. It can be extended to include CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Supplier's Management. What Sam Networks Solution differ is a new concept of Agile ERP. It is a means of making ERP a more flexible system to use. We have always emphasized that an ERP selection should always follow a clear and traceable requirements. ERP systems should always be easy to understand and easy to operate. without this in mind the user will find it too difficult to work and interact with.

With Agile ERP you can get a web-based ERP interface which will make it simple and more efficient to work on. It can be integrated into Tables and Smartphones to make interaction more easy. Contact us for more info regarding this.
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