greenpc 1The concept of green computing has seen a lot of attention in the last few years, as enterprise networks are getting bigger and bigger, computer usage tend to expand with those networks, this comes at the price of environment, which means more energy consumption, more waste from dumping old computers and replacing them with new computers. We in Sam Networks believe that we can introduce a new concept of green computing by either tailoring the future needs and can provide this using one of the following methods:

  • Introduce Terminal Services with energy consumption in mind, we have sourced NetPCs that consume less than 50watts as opposed to 400 watts that conventional PCs consume. With such a solution the organization will have more control of their resources and a central point of control for users will be used. which means less time for Network Administration and more efficiency.


  • Another Concept is that instead of going of massive Desktop upgrades (which normally costs alot) we can design the current network to handle the desktop as a diskless booting device, where only the ram and CPU gets utilized via a gigabit network where most of the complex operations happen on the server side. This will reduce the budget of upgrading systems and will make Admins more in control of the network.

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