1SAM Networks AI Based Laser and Video Projection (based on MUSI KVANT tech.s)
In recent years projection technologies have noticed huge developments, they are now used in energy-efficient lighting applications. In the field of advertising and presentations projection displays are proven as an effective advertising media in the third millennium with the possibility of a rapid change in the presented content through Internet connections.
We supply projection screens based on your requirements for indoor and outdoor use, we also offer the possibility of advertising through an existing network of projection screens throughout Slovakia.

We at Sam Networks Ltd have implemented the next generation AI based Laser projection system, with full cyber security compliance, our systems has the following specs covered.

kvantproj1Secure Laser Implementations upon ANSI Z136 Standards (On mountains, buildings, walls, and any suitable screens. Supporting Logolas protocols
RGB Projection
Arabic Font Support
Embedded Production PC: Computers and Special workstations designed for laser systems
Embedded air-conditioning systems manufactured for laser installations
Beyond Essential Software License
Automatic start or remote wireless options
Compliance to NIST Special Publication SP 800-34:
Laser cyber-security appliances, with SN 300 double-encryption for remote secure laser management:
Supports variable-length encryption for laser communications
Introducing state of the art Next Generation UTM
Must have solid BSD kernel integration
Ddelivering a military grade security.

Sam Networks SN600 NG UTM Appliance or Equivalent with the following above specifications.

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