sn700Designed for large enterprises with security being the focal point, SN700 is one of the few devices existing today that delivers more than 2.5 Million sessions simultaneosly for less than 3000USD. With expansion slots that can handle upto 14 Gigabit network Interface and increasing the max sessions to go upto 8 Million sessions, This is not the average Firewall/Router/Gateway Device. And a built-in option of Runing a VPN server and a client. throughput of more than 100mbps Encrypted tunnels, making it ideal solutions for the whole organisation. This device comes with a 1 Year warranty, extendable to 3 years warranty.

Options to run SN700 in a multiwan mode, plus add a redundancy mode, achieving a true ZERO internet downtime. Serving all mission critical firms for a reasonable cost. All powered by the innovative pfsense firmware.

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