info sec 1Information Security is becoming a standard now in any network, one of the most important concept in building a secure network is the Firewall, which is considered an important security layer that screens all information coming to the network and leaving the netowrk. Sam Networks have built an enterprise grade firewall that can serve any organisation, yet its very easy to configure and maintain. 
These firewalls can handle upto 8,000,000 sessions at once out of the box. We can also build more complex firewalls for ISPs and Network operators if needed. Addtional to the firewall we can add a VPN (Virtual Private Network) feature on top. This solution comes all together and can save thousands of dollars in comparison with any competing brand. You can visit our VPN section to read more about the VPN solution we provide.
Alternatively you can read the wikipedia entry on Firewall and its defintions here.
Its very important for any organisation looking to deploy or upgrade its current network equipment to consider selecting a firewall that is flexible. Security Requirments will normally change with the time. There are too many considerations that must be thought of before selecting which firewall is the best.

Firewall networking image

(Firewall operations simplified)

We at Sam Networks can study this based on current and future requirements; then we can produce a list of recommendations for the client.

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