vpn 1Virtual Private Networking or better known as VPN is a technology that allow users to connect two Networks using the internet and make them operate as if they are in one physical location. This will make businesses operate more easy, which means both ends are now in full communication and they can perform any task that seemed impossible before, such as: access to shared files and folders over LAN, connect to Database directly, print to each other's printer, monitor operations. This technology has evolved to be the most secure way of connecting two or more points with standard encryption of 128bit or 256bit. Both ends can work effectively and securely.
to read more info on VPN please refer to the wikipedia entry here

Sam Networks has built its own appliance that can operate as:

  1. Gateway To Gateway VPN: With this method One Gateway (Mostly Headoffice Gateway) will operate as a VPN Server and will be operating as the main point to connect to from branches. The other Gateway will be the VPN client where the connection will be initiated, once VPN connection is successful. a constant virtual link will exist between Both LANs.
  2. Client to Gateway VPN: Or better known as (Road Warrior) which is roaming client with a VPN software connecting directly to the VPN Server. This is useful when a traveling worker/staff looking to connect to office network to carry on his daily tasks.

Key Benefits of Using Sam Networks VPN Appliances:

  • Options of Compressing traffic.
  • Static IP is not compulsory, with our solutions you will can have a gateway to gateway VPN without the need to purchase static IPs.
  • Can operate behind a Double NATed Routers. i.e it works behind two routers.
  • 3G / 4G friendly. i.e can operate with those connections even though they have Class A Lan IPs.

To simplify the process please refer to the below diagram (courtesy of Wikipedia)

640px-Virtual Private Network overview.svg

Simple diagram to show some VPN possibilites.

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